Replacing Air Conditioner Compressor

 Replacing Air Conditioner Compressor

Before talking about compressor replacement in an air conditioner we need to understand what exactly a compressor is. To put it simply, the compressor of an air conditioner is basically the pump inside the motor. It is the pump that is responsible to bring out the heat laden refrigerant gas from inside the building components. Once the gas has been drawn out it is compressed and eventually the gas gets transformed into a high pressure substance from a low pressure substance. When an air conditioning unit runs year after year it is natural that the compressor gets worn out from constant use and needs to be replaced.

 It is true that replacing a compressor of an air conditioner is not an easy task and cannot be done without a professional help. However, it is not a bad idea to be aware of the steps that goes into compressor replacement. This is important because that way you will be able to understand whether the professional hired for the service is carrying out his task properly or not.

 The most common reasons for an AC compressor to fail include leaky seals and inadequate lubrication. To keep such conditions at bay it is recommended that the air conditioner is switched on at regular intervals so that the seals do not dry up and stay lubricated. The moment you notice a change in the temperature of the AC it is better to get it inspected. Some of the common symptoms that indicate the malfunctioning of the compressor include:

• No cold air from the vents

• Clicking sound from under the engine

• The AC is not working

 While replacing the compressor of an air conditioner one must keep in mind that the service comes with the receiver dryer and orifice tube. This is because it is very common for metals from the compressor to go throughout the system and get trapped in different parts. In case, a compressor gets replaced without the receiver dryer and the orifice tube it might disturb the new compressor and at the same it does not get covered by warranty from the parts manufacturer.

 Now the question comes how good an idea it is to replace the compressor of an air conditioner unit. Here it must be noted that the cost of a new compressor is almost equal to the cost of a new air conditioning unit. However, if your air conditioner unit is under the warranty period there is no better option than replacing the compressor. This is because the company will do the needful and you will just have to pay the labor cost. On the other hand if the unit is more than ten or twelve years old and is not covered by any kind of manufacturer’s warranty then it is always recommended to replace the entire unit. It is helpful because after the period of warranty is over you will have to pay a hefty amount for a new compressor but it will be placed in an old system. On the contrary, if you add a little more amount to your budget you get a completely new air conditioner.



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