Importance Of Home Energy Audit

Most of you have heard about “home energy audits” but are you aware of the concept of home energy audit? Before we delve into the importance of home energy audits let us try and understand the concept of home energy audit. An energy audit is an analysis of the facility which indicates how and where the facility will be able to reduce energy consumption and save energy costs in return. In fact, its insight to energy savings and conservation can lead to significant savings on the energy cost of a home or a commercial space. Hence, it is important that along with businesses homes are also able to save on energy costs because in recent times the energy costs are becoming sky high.

The process that is involved in an energy audit includes the following steps.

• As a first step, the experts will analyze your home and utility data which include your energy bill and also the installed HVAC equipment
• Then they do a thorough survey of the operating appliances
• They inspect all HVAC appliances and lighting system
• The experts carry out blower door tests to find out whether any leaks have developed in the home
• Lastly, they carry out a thermo graphic scan of the home to show as in where insulation is needed

All these processes helps in finding out what more steps can be taken to ensure energy savings of a home.

It is obvious that when a house is used for quite some time now it will develop some or the other problems over time. These problems in turn will lead to energy wastage leading to higher utility bills. On the other hand, if energy audit is done, the experts will be able to detect the problems at an early stage which in turn can lead to overall energy savings. Hence, it is imperative that you employ experts to carry out energy audits of your home so that the problems that have developed in your home can be detected at an early stage.

The other benefit of energy audit includes reduction in the emissions of carbon dioxide which in turn causes lesser environmental impact. One prominent advantage of home energy audit is that it improves the indoor air quality of homes and commercial spaces. The result is resale value of your property increases. At the same time, home energy audit also increases the overall comfort level of a home. Hence, you can always opt for a home energy audit even if it means investing some amount of money.

Lastly, you need to keep in mind that home energy audits are given to experts who have a reputation of carrying out successful home audits over the years. This is important because if you give the job to an amateur you will end up spending money but the ultimate result will not be satisfactory. In order to find out good auditors you can take help of Google review or you can take help from your friends and family for references.




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