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Blog Title: difference between portable air conditioner and window air conditioner
What is the difference between a portable air conditioner and a window air conditioner?
Category: Heat And Ac Wall Unit Post By: ALLISON DOMINGUEZ (Cutler, FL), 07/05/2014

The major difference between window air conditioner and portable air conditioner is that portable air conditioners are independent, movable units with exhaust hoses that are easy to install and vent out of a variety of window types. While window air conditioners can only be installed on the windows and are not movable. Though window air conditioners are generally less expensive compared to portable air conditioners, they are usually more difficult to install and only fit in a standard size window. Both the unit types are needed to be vented outside for properfuncitioning and providing better quality of air.

- STACY DOUGLAS (Lunenburg, PA), 07/11/2014
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