Air Handler Replacement

The air handler is an important part of the air conditioner unit. Its main job is to effectively circulate the conditioned air throughout the house. An air handler is generally a large metal box that contains a blower, heating or cooling elements, filter racks or chambers, sound attenuators and dampers. The air handlers usually connect to the ductwork ventilation system that circulates the conditioned air throughout the system and again it pushes it back to the AHU. To put it simply, air handler is typically the indoor unit of an HVAC system. In fact, without air handlers it is not possible to experience a comfortable indoor temperature. It is the air handler that takes the cold air from the air conditioner and the hot air from the furnace to every corner of the room.

The different kinds of air handler available with various HVAC units are the following:

• The single speed air handlers

• The five speed air handlers

• The variable speed air handlers

• The insulated air handlers and

• The hydronic air handlers

As air handlers are an integral part of an HVAC unit, it becomes difficult when the air handlers does not function properly. In fact, when air handlers malfunction chances are high that the other complex parts of the system also stops functioning properly as they have to work harder in order to provide the same amount of heating or cooling.

Some of the common problems faced by an air handler replacement include:

Damaged coils: Air handlers circulate cool air throughout the house. So, in case coils are dirty or clogged the air handler will not be able to circulate the cool air effectively.

Faulty Blower: If the blower of the air handler gets damaged it will not be able to function properly, thus keeping you away from a comfortable temperature within the house.

Poor electrical connections is another factor that might cause damage to air handlers due to constant use. In case, you have a faulty electrical connection it is important that you put it right by an expert electrician.

Clogged or dirty air filters cause numerous problems in the functioning of air conditioners. Thus, it is mandatory to clean your air filters at regular intervals.

However, in case your air handler needs replacement or any kind of repair, it is necessary that you get in touch with an expert HVAC technician so that you do not run into unnecessary trouble at a later stage. They will be able to do the needful and take good care of your system.

Last but not the least, as air handler is one of the crucial parts of the air conditioning unit it requires proper professional and regular maintenance to ensure that it functions properly. An air handler has complex components like the filter, the coil and the blower. The filters along with the coils has to be cleaned at regular intervals to ensure that unnecessary strain is not created on the air handlers and in turn on the air conditioner.



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